About "Mission MacRell"

macrell_about.JPG"Mission MacRell" is a project for school children and students. It is dedicated to disabled people and reveal the difficulties that they face in their everyday life. 

The project is supported and financed by the Barents Secretariat, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saami Parliament, departments of Education, Health and Environment and different municipal grants. 

The Norwegian Association of Disabeled People headed by Torel Heggen Munk has initiated this progect and supports it. Together with the cultural project "On the Border" there has been created the Norwegian-Russian project.

"Mission MacRell" is aimed at elimination of difficulties that disabled people come acroos in their everyday life. The project tries to make the world friendly and available for them. The project consists of musical performance and acessibility research. While participating in the project they get an idea of the difficulties disabled people face every day. 

Torel Heggen Munk: "All people are born equal and are equally important. Women give birth to children of different colour, height and weight. The children also have different capabilities. But they have something in common - they want to be heard by the society, they want to take active part in life. And the society must remove the difficulties made by people. We must look insude us and change our attitude to this issue. We must not divide people into groups according to their skin colour or range of capabilities. Our opinion makes us choose what to do. That's what school children and students will study in this project".