Mission MacRell in Russia

When the projet was organized in Russia, there participated 66 different educational establishments and youth culture clubs. The project was performed in 8 subjects of the Russian Federation. 

In 2007-2013 there were performed 29 projects, 20 of them were accomplished. 59 educational establishments and organizations from 16 cities and 5 regions and republics took part in the project. 

During this period about 4000 children and teenagers have taken part in the project in the North-West of Russia.



Pechenga Region
Zapolyarny School №4.

Prem 4. Apr 2008
We co-operated with the mayor and school headmasters.
Performance and research.
School co-operation through the borders.
Children from Sandes school participated together with students from Zapolyarny school №4 and sang in Russian.

Murmansk culture center "Kirov Palace"

Prem 31. March 2012

In co-operation with
Severomorsk, Kirovsk and Kandalaksha administration.
Murmansk regional org of Invalids 
Murmansk City organization of invalids, Leninskiy, Pervomaiskiy and Kola Districts 
Murmansk Regional organization of blind people
Murmansk Regional organization of deaf people 

School and other institutions:
Murmansk Region Special School Internat nr 3
Murmansk Pedagogical University, with students from
Philological faculty
Journalistic faculty
Intercultural faculty
Communication faculty
“NADESHDA” Club for parents of invalid children
“VALENTINA” Club of young invalids
“OBEREG” Club for young invalids in Kirovka
“DIVA” Theatreclub from Pervomaiskiy distr
“GOLDEN LYRE” Singer club. Gymnasium nr 7
«COMEDIOGRAF» Folk group of Kirovka

“Red Shades”. 

Prem 16. June 2012

New Prem 25. May 2013 

Dance performance. Was made in co-operation with "Mission MacRell" from Norway, "GUST LIFE" and "ROOTS UP" crews, music band "Mister Babe", Anastasia Veselova and actors from Murmansk Drama Theatre. 

The performance «Red Shades» was shown in Kirkenes on 18th of September and in Hamar on 24th of October 2013.

Youth House Mr Pink.

Prem 2013


Prem autumn 2013

Agreemnet with Education Department in Monchegorsk
School №8, prem autumn 2013
Polyaris Culture House, prem autumn 2013
School №10, Prem autumn 2013


Prem 26. April 2013

Co-operation with City Administration 
Co-operation with Murmansk culture center "Kirov Palace". Prem 31. March 2012
“LYRA” singer club Severomorsk special school
“MASTEROCK”, Children Cultural House
Municipal School Internat for Invalids


Prem 31. March 2012

Co-operation with Murmansk culture center "Kirov Palace".
Municipal School Internat for Invalids.


Prem 31. March 2012

Co-operation with Murmansk culture center "Kirov Palace"
School №10

Arkhangelsk oblast

Arkhangelsk Cultural Department
Arkhangelsk Organisation for Handikapped People
Arkhangelsk Educational Department
Arkhangelsk Cultural and Youth Comitty
MYK-Lomonosovskiy Cultural Palace
BLAGODYEYA Parents Organization for Handicapped Children

Schools and other institutions:

School №30

Premiere 4. April 2009

Performance 05. April in the town of Tsiglomen on 12. April.
School №26
School №27
School №28
School №29
School №32
School №36
School №95
Students from Pedagogical University
Students from thw Medical Fakulty, State University
Arkhangelsk Library. The library vizitors took part in the poll.

Premiere 10. October 2011

«Dykhanye» (rus. "дыхание" - "breath"), musical project.
Jazz musitian Timofey Dorofeev and handicapped children from Arkhangelsk.


Prem March 2010

The Society of Handicapped People

Art House 


Prem 17. March 2009

Co-operation with the Mayor and Culture Department.

School №3
School №5
Music Schoo


Prem 20. May 2012

Co-operation with Udimsky Administration
Udimskiy Culture Centre


Prem 09. December 2011

Folk Theatre

Komi Republic,


Prem 23. May 2011

Co-operation with Culture Ministry of the Komi Republic and Syktyvkar Organization for Handicapped People.
Art school 
Special Boarding School for Handicapped Children.

Nenets Autonom District,


Prem 2. April 2012

Naryan-Mar: co-operation with the Mayor
Nenets Agriculture School 

Karelia Republic

Belomorsk, Belomorsk Music Shool for Children

Prem 18. December 2008

Petrozavodsk: co-operation with Petrozavodsk Cilture Ministry, Karelia Resource Centre and 

Festival ”Gyldne Nøkler” ("Golden Keys") 24.-26.04.09

Youthcloub ”Solveig”

Premiere 25. April 2009

Concert Choir “Vdohnovenie” (eng. "inspiration") and Children School of Arts.

Premiere 26. April 2009

Solomennoe School №7

Premiere 23. April 2009

CO-operation with Kondopoga Mayor.
"SABOTA", organization for handicapped people.
Youth Cultural Center

Premiere 01. June 2009

Library and music school.

Premiere 23. May 2009

MacRell festival in Kondopoga 28. June 2009

The Russain Federation beyond the Barents Reion

Udmurtiya Republic,


Prem 27. November 2007

Co-operation with the Ministry of Education of Udmurtia, thwe Mayor of Izhevsk, the Organization for Handicapped People and other culture organizations. 
Gymnazium №56
Art School №13

Kirovsk Region 

Kirovsk Art College 
(intention agreement)