Hoberg School, Stange Municipality


The project was accomplished in winter 2006. 47 students of the 7th form took part in the project. The project was also supported by the Mayor.

On the 16th of February the performances were shown in Hedmark and Elverum. In Elverum the show was performed in the Museum of Forest. The students showed 7 performances, includin the ones on the 31st of March and on th the 1st and 2nd of April.

On the 22nd of April the performance was shown to the managers of "National Health Fund" in Scandic in Hamar.
On the 9th of June the performance was shown to "Norsk Helse og Sosiallederlag" in Scandic in Hamar.
On the 8th of November the performance was shown to the members of "NAV" Hedmark in Scandic in Hamar.